Where are the C5 instances?

Posted on April 26th 2017

Amazon's new C5 instance types have been talked about since late November of 2016. We have been anxiously awaiting their arrival as they were expected early 2017. They are the ideal server for computational workloads such as video processing or 3D rendering.

AWS Chatbot Challenge 2017

Posted on April 22nd 2017

AWS is challenging all developers to create a conversational chatbot that can engage your users. The goal is to utilize services like Lex, Lambda, Polly, and third party providers like Hubspot or Stripe to create a unique bot!

New Region Coming To Sweden In 2018

Posted on April 12th 2017

Stockholm, Sweden in 2018 will have a new AWS region! Many customers in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden will now have lower-latency connectivity and the ability to run their infrastructure closer to where their own customers are.

Host Based Routing Application Load Balancers

Posted on April 12th 2017

ALB's now have the option for host based routing. I personally use ALB's with ECS and do all my mapping with ports which is useful because my ephemeral port is always changing. But certain applications I have in ECS (such as APIs) could benefit from host based routing and more specifically for staging vs. production.

Help us create more tutorials!

Posted on April 6th 2017

We are reaching out to all of the devops, full stack, and AWS professionals out there to help grow the AWS Tutorial Series YouTube channel. Tutorials take quite a long time to create especially with having a full time job and we are looking to do more than just infrastructure.

Welcome to the new AWS Tutorial Series!

Posted on April 5th 2017

Thanks for checking out the new home of AWS Tutorial Series. YouTube has been a great play for us to get our tutorials out to you. We want to provide you with more insight into what's happening within AWS and keep you up to speed on new services they release!

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