Network Load Balancer Announced

Posted on September 11th 2017

Amazon released a new type of load balancer called a Network Load Balancer which allows the user to balance TCP traffic with long-running connections, source address preservation, and static IP addresses for each subnet. All of this can be done to the rate of millions of requests per second and the usual features you would expect from Amazon load balancing.

Pricing for the load balancers is like the Application Load Balancer, which is based on Load Balancer Capacity Units, or LCUs. Billing is $0.006 per LCU, based on the highest value seen across the following dimensions:

Bandwidth – 1 GB per LCU.
New Connections – 800 per LCU.
Active Connections – 100,000 per LCU.

Most applications are bandwidth-bound and should see a cost reduction (for load balancing) of about 25% when compared to Application or Classic Load Balancers.


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