AWS Training and Certification Portal

Posted on May 28th 2017

Previously, you had to rely on multiple websites to find and manage training and certification offerings. Now you have a central place where you can find and enroll in AWS Training, register for AWS Certification exams, track your learning progress, and access benefits based on the AWS Certifications you have achieved. This makes it easier for you to build your AWS Cloud skills and advance toward earning AWS Certification.

You can create a new account or simply log in with your existing Amazon account. If you already have an AWS Training account, you can migrate your existing AWS Training history into this new primary account. If you are an APN Partner, you can simply sign in using your APN Portal credentials. If you also had a Webassessor account, be sure to visit the Certification tab and merge this account too.

Once you are set up, you can rely on the AWS Training and Certification Portal to be your place to find the latest AWS training and certification offerings, built by AWS experts.


Andrew Riess

This is great! I've been meaning to work on certifications for a while now. In case anyone is looking for the link you can find it here,

Andrew Puch

Thank you very much for sharing that link Andrew! Good luck on your certifications.


Awesome timing. I was reading through today!

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