Where are the C5 instances?

Posted on April 26th 2017

Amazon's new C5 instance types have been talked about since late November of 2016. We have been anxiously awaiting their arrival as they were expected early 2017. They are the ideal server for computational workloads such as video processing or 3D rendering.

We were expecting them at the AWS Summit - San Francisco keynote which Dr. Werner Vogels, CTO, Amazon.com gave. He focused much attention on the customers that use AWS services and more specifically ECS. He announced the release of the F1 type instances (which was awesome) but failed to make any announcement as to the availability of C5. He did hint at it in a slide that had C5 in replace of the previous generation C4. Hopefully they will be announced in the coming month as we are anxious to get our hands on them for some benchmarking!

For now we wait.

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