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Content Creator (Remote Friendly)

AWS Tutorial Series is looking for developers to become content creators for the channel. Right now we are primarily focused on AWS core services and strictly infrastructure / devops. We want to branch the channel off and do more code oriented tutorials. We are looking for developers who have a specialty in their given language/framework either creating backend API's or front end development with things like angular.

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Sr. Drupal Front-End Developer (Redwood City, CA)

Box is seeking a talented Drupal Front end developer for a full-time position to work with various teams on our marketing, sales, and other miscellaneous content sites. To be successful at this position, you must be a self-starter with the ability to take ownership and handle multiple tasks simultaneously. You must possess good oral and written documentation skills and be able to interact with other team members to deliver fast and reliable code. You must have experience in developing websites using the Drupal platform on a LAMP technology stack.

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DevOps Engineer (San Francisco, CA)

As DevOps Engineer in Programmable Voice, you will develop, deploy and operate services across multiple teams to deliver real-time, highly available, low latency capabilities for next generation internet and on-demand app communications. You will ensure continuous operation at scale to meet high availability goals, focusing on solving resiliency, latency and quality challenges in our virtualized cloud environment.

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Developer Evangelist (San Francisco, CA)

TokBox provides the leading cloud platform for adding live video, voice, and messaging to your web and mobile applications. We believe that integrating real-time communication into products should be simple, whether you’re developing an app for one-to-one calls, group chat, or large-scale broadcast. As a developer evangelist, your job is to inspire and equip developers to change the way the world communicates.

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DevOps Engineer (NYC, San Mateo)

The Boxed DevOps team values an always-learning approach to technology. We want people who already know they don’t know it all, and who are willing to work closely and honestly with team members to collectively and objectively find the best solutions to problems. Technological humility - the desire to build what’s correct over being the person who’s correct - is a trait we value highly.

As a Boxed DevOps Engineer, you’ll be helping to build out and stabilize our large and growing AWS infrastructure, and helping us in our transition from Ansible to using Docker and Kubernetes. Most of the software we run is Node.js, with a heavy reliance on MongoDB. Ruby, Python, Go, and Java are also used for various services, as are several other data stores, including Redis, Postgres, Kinesis, Redshift, and Elasticsearch.

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SNAP Interactive

Sr. Full-Stack Web Developer (United States)

As a member of the Web Development team within SNAP Interactive, the Senior Full-Stack Web Developer serves as a key contributor in a variety of projects. The Web team builds solutions to manage high-volume workloads, often involving critical financial transactions. This team member will focus approximately 70% on APIs and related server-side components and 30% on front-end development to address these needs. SNAP's environment is highly collaborative, and the ideal candidate will have an eye for detail and be a team player who enjoys working with others to find cutting-edge solutions to tricky problems.

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