Intro to Lex - Bot Setup With Lambda

A brief introduction to using AWS Lex to create a bot that executes a Lambda function.


Connecting To RDS MySQL Using phpMyAdmin

This tutorial was by request and goes over connecting to your RDS server using phpMyAdmin.


Drupal 7 In The Cloud For Beginners (EC2, RDS)

Wanted to make a tutorial on how to setup Drupal 7 in the AWS cloud using their EC2 instance and RDS MySQL instance. This is a great way to get a small Drupal site up and running!


Simple Email Service (SES) Tutorial NodeJS

Tutorial on how SES works and a simple application implemented using NodeJS and the AWS SDK. I go over verifying an email address, listing your verified email addresses, sending RAW emails with attachments and deleting verified emails.


Simple Queue Service (SQS) Tutorial NodeJS

Tutorial on how AWS SQS works and a simple application implemented using NodeJS and the AWS SDK. With this app you will be able to create queues and work with messages within those queues.


Code Commit Setup

Tutorial on how to setup AWS Code Commit using SSH and IAM roles. I go over setting up your SSH key and importing into your IAM user so that you can connect to Code Commit!


Simple Notification Service (SNS) Email Setup

In this tutorial I setup an SNS topic and subscribe to it via email. I then set a CloudWatch metric on an elastic load balancer to monitor the healthy hosts and set the notification list to be the SNS topic.


Auto Scaling EC2

Setting up auto scaling EC2 instances and putting them into an ELB. I also go over setting up a custom scaling policy to be triggered off of a cloudwatch alert!


Multi Region VPN Connection Using Strongswan

This tutorial goes over connection two regions together using OpenVPN. Region 1 is us-east and that runs on 172.30.* and region 2 is us-west and that is on 172.31.*


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